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Sun Bath

This image was captured in my native, Sringeri, Karnataka, India.

My father and I were in a local park in my grandfather’s car, I captured many images as usual when my father spotted this garden lizard [I was 7 years old then]. I was very tired and we were in the car. I just opened the door of the car, sat inside the car, bent a little with my father’s support, and captured the sunbathing garden lizard with lots of leaves and the sun. This is my favorite image because the garden lizard is in the middle of a lot of leaves and looking into the sun. There was another female garden lizard beside which I have named, “Sun Bath 2”.

This image was captured with Nikon D5000 + Nikkor 85 mm lens.

Their usual technique to catch prey is to sit and wait for the prey to come near it and then jump suddenly! This made it easier for me to capture the lizard at the left side of the frame from very close by.

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