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Happy Kite


This image was taken on the terrace of my apartment in Bangalore, India. My parents and I feed the pigeons on our terrace. Some days I take my camera. One fine day, this kite was waiting for its prey, a mouse near the dumpster of my apartment. I had to sleep on the cover of some pipes to get the kite at the left of the frame so that the flower trees at the right could be seen in the frame. One of my neighbors feed this kite every day. So, it kept visiting the terrace regularly.

This kite [a male] occasionally used to bring sticks and twigs for its nest in the nearby tree. This kite seemed to be happy because it had locked its eyes on the mouse and was ready to attack any moment. Most people mistake a kite for an eagle. We can differentiate between kites and eagles based on the shape of their tails. If the tail is long and has an inward curve, then it is a kite. If the tail is short and it is ā€œUā€ shaped, then it is an eagle. So next time, make sure you observe the tail to recognize if it is a kite or an eagle.

This image was captured with Nikon D5000 + Nikkor 85 mm lens.


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