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I am Vidyun R Hebbar, a 13-year-old boy, studying in 8th standard at BGS National Public school, Bangalore, India.

I like photography. I have been taking photographs since I was 3 years old. I learnt my skills from my father. Macro photography is my passion. But I also like to click all sorts of pictures from birds to onions 🙂

My father says, for photography, we need not go to a forest on a safari. We can find wildlife in metro cities too if we have an eye to see it.  I usually click photos in the beautiful gardens of Bangalore (Did you know, before Bangalore became famous as the “Silicon City of India”, it was called the “Garden City of India”) My father and I go to nearby parks to photograph insects and bugs. I also take photos in the forest-like areas near my grandfather’s place in Sringeri (in Western Ghats, India).

I have won the Young wildlife photographer of the Year and Highly Commended award in 10 years and under Wpy 2021. I have also won the Highly Commended award in 10 years and under of Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2020. Wildlife Photographer of the Year is one of the most prestigious photography contests. It is often called the “Oscars of Wildlife Photography”. The Natural history museum, London, organizes this award.

I like to read, I can read for long hours. My favourite books are the Hardy Boys series and the books written by Rick Riordan and the Tintin series.

My father is a software engineer and he is also a wildlife photographer. He was the category winner of Amphibians and Reptiles of Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2014. His website is

My mother is also a Software Engineer and is an avid reader. We both spend a lot of time reading together. She also helps me in maintaining my webpage 🙂


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