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Yummy Nectar

This is a Cupid or Cycad Blue butterfly. I captured this image in my school garden. If you are wondering why I was in my school rather than my online classes, my principal had given me permission to take photographs on the campus.

I was taking a picture of the flower when this beautiful butterfly flew in and sat on this beautiful flower. At first, I went very near the butterfly, so it flew away. On the second try, it came sat on the same flower. So, this time I bent down and took pictures.

These butterflies have pale brown wings, with a metallic blue or purple sheen at the inside of their wings. They have eye patterns of orange and black. They lay pale white-blue, disk-shaped eggs on the young, soft leaves.

For this image, I used a Nikon D5000 + Nikkor 85 mm f3.5 lens.


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