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Ganesha – The God

Happy Ganesh Chathurthi everyone 🙂 ! This image was taken about a year ago. My father and I set out to the Lalbagh Botanical garden. It is about 10 Kilometres away from our house. So, we almost never go there! This image was taken just after some days from Ganesh Chathurthi 2020. After I processed this image I promised myself I would not forget to upload it this year! This is a Spider Lily flower pollen, which looks like Ganesha. This was a cloudy day, that is why the sky is gray, and not blue!

We saw a very interesting type of spider there which we had not seen before. It built a large web with a pole on a leaf of a plant/tree. Then, it would hide under the leaf. When the prey gets caught in the web, it would climb down, wrap it and take it back to the leaf where it was hiding! 🙂

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