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City Signature

The image is the “City Signature”. This image won me the highly commendable award in Young wildlife Photographer of the year 2020. Wildlife Photographer of the year is one of the most prestigious photography contests. It is often called “Oscars of Wildlife Photography”.  This award is organised by the Natural history museum, London.

I shot this picture with Nikon D5000 + Nikkor 85 mm lens; 1/1600 sec at f6.3; ISO 200. The spider had built its web in by lanes of the main road; it used to build a new web every morning. My father and I watched it every weekend for a month. One day, when it had four signatures, I photographed it. I was not tall enough to have the spider in the middle of my image, so my father brought a stone and I stood on it and took the photograph. This Photograph is also special because my grandmother was with us when we were taking the photograph.

 Signature spiders are orb weavers. Their signatures make them look big, so the predators think it is too big to swallow! Their signatures also reflect UV rays which attract insects.


Original Web

This image is called “DOME HOME”. This image won me the award of “Category Winner” of 10 years and under in the Wildlife Photographer of the year 2021 competition.

I took this image at a theme park that houses upcycled old/used car parts and old cars. These are the letters of the script of the language Kannada, made using old/used car parts and they have been placed adjacent to the main road. I was trying to capture the tent spider with moving vehicles in the background. It was challenging to focus the spider because the web shook every time a vehicle moved in the background. After clicking on hundreds of images, I got some in good focus!

I used a Nikon D5000 + Nikkor 85 mm f3.5 lens + a Tripod.



Striped World

This image is called “Blue on Green and Red”. This image won me the award of “Highly Commendable” in the “10 years and under” category of Wildlife Photographer of the year 2021.

This is a Cupid or Cycad Blue butterfly. I captured this image in my school garden. If you are wondering why I was in my school during online classes, I had won an award under the Young photographer category of Wildlife Photographer of the year 2020 awards. So, my school principal told us that whenever we wanted to come to the gardens to take photographs, we were always welcome. So, my father and I went to my school on a beautiful Saturday morning. We took a lot of images in the garden. We were about to leave when I spotted this beautiful butterfly. I had to bend a little a lot to position the butterfly on the left and to get the colorful background.

For this image, I used a Nikon D5000 + Nikkor 85 mm f3.5 lens.


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